My first love is photography

Born in France of an English father and a French mother, I always took photos. As a young boy I was able to take advantage of a professional darkroom and to use my father’s cameras.

At the beginning of the 1970s I worked in professional photographic studios and darkrooms, as well as in a press agency in London and in Paris. I realised early on that creative photography would not earn me a living and that I did not wish to spend my life doing photos for catalogues or for the tabloid press. I then moved into the music world and worked as a sound engineer for 28 years before finally, in 2001, finding a place in the countryside, in this beautiful region of the southwest, and establishing my own business as webmaster. I never stopped making photos and continued to do so both for my clients or for my own pleasure.

I always enjoyed photographing people in their environment, especially in large cities. I have been able to put together a collection of images in recent years taken during various travels throughout Europe (Paris, London, Amsterdam, Budapest) and in the USA.

I live in a beautiful region, still largely unspoilt, which I photograph throughout the seasons. I return to the same places, always seeking to capture the unexpected, special moments of light, atmosphere and colour.

The changing countryside is a permanent spectacle year round. These fleeting moments of light are precious moments of happiness, which remain challenging for photographers : a morning mist, rays of sunshine, clouds racing across the sky, light and shade in pastel colours.

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